Have you ever used a stainless steel pot? Come and get to know it!

Time:2018-12-12 09:50:42

So why do the same products behave differently? First tell you what 304 stainless steel pot is, 304 stainless steel industry also known as 18/8 stainless steel model is austenite 06cr19ni10, 18/8 refers to 18% Cr 8% Ni stainless steel, that is, people say food grade or medical stainless steel. If the pot has the following inspection report, is it fake or inferior? Look at the picture below.

People ask SGS what is the ghost? SGS is the most authoritative inspection and testing organization in the world. I don't believe it. Then you ask Du Niang! Everybody asked again, since it is a genuine 304 stainless steel frying pan, then why is this? 304 stainless steel frying pan is different from the coating pan you used before, which is also called physical non-sticking. Very simple Overcontrol can make stainless steel pots and pans handy, I will say a few more words. When using 304 five-layer steel frying pan, we should pay attention to the fact that it is very important to heat the medium-heat first and then the small hot empty pan. The preheating time is about 2 minutes. Because the thickness of 304 five-layer steel frying pan is thicker, it is usually between 2.5 and 3.5 MM.

So when you start using, you should let the temperature in the frying pan reach high temperature, so you need to heat it with medium heat first, and then start using medium and small heat when the temperature in the frying pan reaches high temperature, then it won't stick, the body of the frying pan reaches a certain temperature and then put cooking oil. Generally, you can see whether the oil temperature in the frying pan reaches high temperature or not, and see that the oil in the frying pan begins to appear wavy texture. Users of induction cooker suggest that the 1000-watt empty cooker be preheated and adjusted to 800-watt after reaching high temperature. This will achieve the following results

Is fried noodles and meat always a problem that the users of stainless steel frying pan can't overcome? Vegetables made from 304 stainless steel frying pan are particularly tender and soft in color. So the question is whether it's coming again, I just don't want such a habit of operation, I like the coated pot, how do you want to fry without touching, without touching, without touching!!! Dear! Are you going to say "rain and dew are all wet"?

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